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Seeing-eye Pony

Video film

Above we see the record supply in HR3 television later, and what the first recordings for the
TV station KIKA were recorded and can be seen in the broadcast "broadcast Continued" were.
Quotes from the web:

Seeing-eye pony Hugo

Hugo is one of the few blind leading ponies in the Federal Republic.

Wherever he is, the little chestnut gelding causes a stir. This is especially true if the Shetland Pony increases in the bus or just coming out of the pharmacy.

Astonished faces are the norm when Hugo appears.

In the civil small gelding falls particularly on: fox colored Shetty, 100 cm tall, Blaze, eight years old.
But when Hugo wearing his "work clothes", the astonishment and admiration knows no bounds.

Hugo's Workwear is a white harness. "It is in principle just as a harness as carry guide dogs. But it was specially made for its size. For a bit bigger than a dog is our Hugo anyway, "explains Erik Dettmer, Hugos trainers. Once the little gelding carries the dishes, he knows that it is serious. At the Shetty is a real comedian. It nibbles away at all, begging for pats and treats and is available for any nonsense. But service is service and place for everything. His task as a seeing-eye pony met Hugo conscientious and reliable.

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