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What is a guide dog?

The great unknown

In Germany came "The guide dog" in 1916 to the world:

Back then in autumn dogs were trained for war blind in Oldenburg and the results were impressive: a wonderful being, born in the emergency of World War 1 with imperial recognition.

Instructors were trained people who taught Red Cross dogs for the army of the German Empire. So the results were good, as Kaiser Wilhelm it expected his dogs teachers = Kynopädagogen!

We are in 21.en century:

Both world wars are also behind us as the services of experts of Kaiser Wilhelm. Anyone can sign up in Germany a company with the label "guide dog school" at the clerk's office and "started" when retaining only the administration fee has been paid. Some even run with the collection plate around the country and collect for the training of guide dogs.

We also train assistance dogs for disabled otherwise. Assistance Dogs facilitate the daily life of the disabled and businesses in wheelchairs or stroke patients.

Through the press, radio and television was now "Hugo" known. The seeing-eye pony can actually work so as guide dogs, only for travel by taxi it is a bit too heavy.

Questions? Please call Weekdays: Germany 05745-9689798.

Our family breeds and trains dogs since 1930, as "Asso PREUßENBLUT" saw the light of day. Karl Georg Dettmer founded in Osnabrück the "breeding and training center PREUßENBLUT", hence our company name.

 The founder passed on his knowledge to his sons as we continue to Karl-Erik Dettmer. The results speak for themselves: guide dog holders from several countries are grateful for our work.

In the State of Iceland has a dog training school, since the director of "PREUßENBLUT" was formed. Lonely where there is the profession of dogs teacher as state-approved apprenticeship.

We reject all forms of contingency fee, why?

Just like teachers, doctors and lawyers, we want to be paid fairly for good performance. Guide dogs are also not a commodity that you can peddle to buy! We see ourselves as a life helper for people who can not see so well.

We stick to the motto of the founder: "Only the best for our customers".
His achievements were recognized with Awards canine as

  • bronze, silver, golden and State Medals

  • State Prize of the German Government

  • State Prize of the Federal Government

The cultured from KG Dettmer working dogs of different breeds were

  • Winners readout and winning titles

  • International championships in many countries and several continents

I 1930 to today is a short time. How many dogs schools but there is our tradition? Jung does not mean bad and old is not a guarantee. Get a personal picture by visiting our home, welcome to Stemwede north Lübbecke.

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