Training periods in the blind guide dog school Preußenblut - Blind and guide dog school Preußenblut

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Training periods in the blind guide dog school Preußenblut

Training periods in the blind guide dog school  Preußenblut

The guide dog is trained individually and according to the needs of non-sighted people: For example, if you live in a big city or in the countryside and what is actually needed in order later to come to terms and whether it must be a dog that is calm or . more power has. If the non-sighted people younger or older.

  • First studied the vet: It is made and checked whether the animal is healthy and radiographs, a complete blood count.

  • Now the animal (dog or dog) is in the 4-week trial period to see if it is suitable for training.

  • If this was passed that not sighted person is involved, because not every animal suits everyone.

  • Only then will the dog or the dog 6 - formed 8 months. Will be practiced all the tasks that you later need to get safely to its destination.

  • Thereafter, the 4-week training comes with the non-sighted people, which is often carried out at the place of residence and consists of theory of sound signs, the disease of the animal, proper feeding.

  • The first week will learn the sound sign and put into practice by the leash guiding work.

  • The second week will be light work done in the harness (visit shops and public facilities, everyday ways to do).

  • The third week is bus and train and drove to the nearest town with more distractions, and went through the city center: shops and restaurants visited to study under difficult conditions and light and the whole course in between with breaks.

  • The fourth week is made a mixture of the second and third week and exercises which still needs to be secured and consolidate the whole.

  • At the end of four weeks is the implementing partner of the Blind Test & guide dog school PREUßENBLUT of consisting of theory questions and practice is the guide dog power and subordination work.

If all went well, get the guide dog holder of us the guide dog card holder and if not, the incorporation will continue until man and dog all tasks can be mastered relatively safe.

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