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What cost guide dogs?
International $ 5,000 between EURO 100,000 and US; lonely with us you can not buy, but buy inexpensive Lebenshilfe.

We see ourselves as a school. Can you buy a high school? For each hour of work we charge a certain amount as well as for all other services. Standardized blind does not exist and that's good, because it is precisely the disabled are people who deserve our respect!

Since 1983, the total cost was for our efforts between 12,000 and DM in 2008 17107-33000 euros per order, because:

Multiple disabilities need more help than people who are visually impaired or simply not seeing. We serve people in France, Switzerland, the USA, Hungary and Sweden, so the cost is of course different from Mobility Services in Germany! The legislator said in 1999:
Federal Disability Act 1990 (BBG) - Federal Law Gazette No. 283/1990 as amended by
Federal Law Gazette I No 177/1999

  • § 39a A guide dog is a dog, which is particularly suitable for detection of the required health and its suitability, as well as inherent in any Having completed a special training especially in terms of obedience and guidance capability to support a blind or partially sighted people.

  • The guide dog is to broadly support the disabled people in the field of mobility, balance the perception problems of blind or severely visually impaired people and enable them to safely move in both familiar and in unfamiliar surroundings.

  • Is a prerequisite for designation as a guide dog and for the granting of financial support from public funds for the purchase of a guide dog, the positive assessment by a common opinion of experts, which in any case a blind or visually impaired person has to include highly. In making this assessment is mainly due to obedience, behavior and guiding ability of the dog as well as the functional interplay of blind or partially sighted people with the dog to take care.

  • More detailed regulations on the criteria for the assessment of guide dogs are from the Federal Minister for Labour, Health and Social Affairs (now Federal Minister for Social Security and Generations) in the form of guidelines to define. These guidelines have to rest in the Federal Ministry of Labour, Health and Social Affairs (now BMSG) as well as all rehabilitation funds (§ 3 BBG) for inspection.

We have done so since 1983, but who is expert and where are the guidelines of the Federal Ministry of Labour, Health and Social Affairs? Also to August 2008 the local men and women have not done their "homework". The 1999 announced guidelines there are still not. A state-approved examination regulations for the highly acclaimed "team test" does not exist in 2008, let alone nationally recognized team of auditors.

Is also not necessary, because lonely we do the copyrighted implementing partners test. Where many people like to take part voluntarily for their own safety.
So to do that and not otherwise!

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